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SQL Repair Tool: Eased Stepwise Recovery Process Rendered

SQL repair tool is one of the very few software applications used for SQL Recovery that render an eased process of recovery above that also provides the step by step process of recovering the SQL database actually with ease and reliability.

Under mentioned are the steps of recovering your corrupted SQL database.

STEP 1: Open the SQL Recovery . Go to Start menu » All Programs » SQL Recovery » SQL Recovery. The Software will display the following screen:

SQL Server tool


STEP 2: Hit on Open button, to select the .mdf file. Then the tool will display following screen:


Browse damaged MDF file to fix SQL database issues


STEP 3:Then choose the corrupt or damaged .mdf file and click on Open button.


choose damaged database to recover Database File


STEP 4: Now select the Scan Options and Version of SQL Server:


Select SQL version of MDF file


STEP 5:Select the NDF Options and click on Add Files button


Select SQL version of MDF file


STEP 6:Now, Choose the corrupted NDF Files (secondry database) and click on Open button.


Select SQL version of MDF file


STEP 7: After this, software will show you the location path of selected MDF file then click on Recover button to start the recovery process.


Scan MDF files of MS SQL Fix Database Error


STEP 8: After complete the scanning process, if you want to save it .str format then click YES, otherwise click NO and go to next step.


Save scanned .str file


STEP 9: Select the location for saving .str file.


Save .str file


STEP 10: User can see the preview of recovered/ repair MDF files along with its components.


Preview of recovered MDF file


STEP 11:Click on the Export Button


export MDF database files


STEP 12: Then choose the Saving Option.


SQL Recovery


STEP 13:After choosing the saving options export the recovered database.


export CSV format of recovered SQL database


STEP 14: Select a folder for save the .sql files


export CSV format of recovered SQL database

STEP 14: Export using SQL script support, and save and export your database in SQL compatible script.


export CSV format of recovered SQL database

STEP 15:You should click on Close button and then navigate the saving location for finding the recovered SQL script file.